When the oranges arrive at our juicing facility at Regency Park they are inspected for quality by our Fruit Receival staff. The oranges are then refrigerated because they retain more flavor and vitamins if they are cold when they are juiced.

Juice is squeezed at the factory every production morning between the hours of 1am and 6am. 

  • Cleaning the fruit

The first step in the production process is washing the refrigerated fruit in chlorinated water. This initial wash is designed to remove any loose dirt on the outside of the orange peel. The chlorine level in this water is tested every hour.

The oranges then pass over brush rollers,which provide a more vigorous clean of the outside of the orange peel.

  • Sorting

Following the brush rollers, the oranges pass over a sorting table and are inspected. Any fruit that does not pass this quality check is removed from the sorting table. The oranges that do pass this quality check are then washed again with a brush roller and water. The oranges are then sorted by the remaining machine into sizes to ensure that the small oranges are not over-reamed, which can cause peel oil to be squeezed into the juice. This step is very important because peel oil has a very unpleasant taste.

  • Reaming

The oranges are cut in half by the reaming machine and then juiced by the machine in a way that simulates hand squeezing.

  • Juice Production

The juice is then pumped through to tanks where the preservative (potassium sorbate) is added. The amount of preservative in Nippy's fresh orange juice is 0.002%. The sugar is also added to the juice at this stage in the sweetened orange juice tank.

The juice is then pasteurised. Pasteurisation involves rapidly heating the juice and then quickly cooling it again to below 5 degrees Celsius. The pasteurisation process sterilises the juice.

Once the juice has been pasteurised, it is then bottled and stored at a temperature below 4 degrees Celsius until it is purchased by one of our customers. The juice must continue to be stored below 4 degrees Celsius until it is consumed.


Nippy's Fruit Juices Pty Ltd manufacture all their own  500ml and 300ml plastic bottles. They are made by two blow-moulding machines. The plastic resin known as PET is purchased in bead form, which is melted and goes through the blow moulds forming a preform and then blown into the bottle size required.