In the early 1930's, founding member Alic Knispel started growing and packing citrus at Moorook in the Riverland of South Australia.

Thirty years later, when Alic's sons were teenagers attending Adelaide High School, the boys began collecting oranges from the family's packing facility and hand-squeezing them in their mother's Kilburn kitchen. The juice was sold to the local shops and taken to school with them in plastic flagons to sell to the other boys.

The Knispel boys and their father were nicknamed 'Nippy' by their friends and consequently, the juice that the Knispel boys sold became known as Nippy's juice.

The Knispel family now owns three juicing facilities in South Australia. One facility is located in Moorook alongside the family orchards, the second is located at Waikerie on the River Murray and the third facility is at Regency Park.

Controlling quality, consistency and freshness - from tree to the pack - has helped develop an icon brand and a diverse range