Environmental Action

APC Action Plan 2010-2015


The Nippy's family owns three companies in South Australia that are independently owned and run by members of the Nippy's family. The principal business is the manufacture of fruit juice and flavoured dairy products mainly for the domestic market under the name Nippy’s. The majority of the products are sold and consumed in South Australia. Controlling the quality, consistency and freshness – from tree to pack – has helped develop an icon brand and diverse range.

Our companies are committed to being environmentally responsible and endeavour to adhere to Australian Packaging Covenant principles in line with the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines, which are demonstrated in our Action Plan. These are demonstrated operational activities ranging from packaging design/technique, procuring raw materials, processing, extensive recycling programme including management and utilisation of waste products.

 APC Action Plan (2010 - 2015).pdf

Yatco Lagoon Wetland Landcare Group & Community Project


Nippy's have supported the Yatco Lagoon Project as part of it's environmental care initiative by way of financial support and land care group membership.
The Yatco Lagoon, located at Moorook in South Australia, has been returned to it's natural state where it will be regularly wet and dried as it was before the water control Locks were installed.
Up until now the permanent wet state of the lagoon has resulted in a gradual decline in water quality and health of fringing trees and other vegetation in and around the lagoon.

The project aims to:
- correctly manage the Wetland area
- to improve the quality and efficiency of water supply to current users of the lagoon
- to investigate water saving through reduction of evaporation

The Directors of Nippy's saw the importance of the project and were passionate about supporting the Landcare group which has brought together landholders, community members, business and government agencies to pro actively pursue water savings.

The Yatco Lagoon water regulation wall installation has been completed and the Yatco committee is currently in the process of submitting the wetland management plan.

To view the draft Yatco Management Plan, please visit the website:

Smart Water Use

Water conservation has always been a critical component of the Nippy's operation, however, with the recently low water allocations it has now become a major focus point.

The current water allocation restrictions on irrigation means that, like a lot of other fruit growers in the River Murray region, Nippys have had to pursue extra water to sustain their oranges in Moorook and Waikerie South Australia.

Apart from buying extra water, Nippys have maximised their water use over the last 10 years in and out of it's processing plants through irrigation system modifications, installation of water saving devices, factory automation, research and good management practices.

Water Efficient Irrigation Systems

All furrow irrigation systems were converted to enclosed pipes in order to minimise evaporation and seepage losses. Overhead sprinklers were changed to drip and low water use (spray jet) sprinklers to achieve more direct water application, reducing waste and again minimising evaporation losses.
Moisture monitoring equipment and automated valves are used to ensure the orange trees are receiving the exact amount of water they require.

Block Management

Intelligent block management such as watering at times when the orange tree roots are most absorbent, and when evaporation, due to heat loss is at a minimum, also help Nippys in maximising their water use efficiencies.

Soil Research

Soil Testing and experience handed down through the Knispel generations has been used to find the right blends of soils for the orange trees to be planted in. The correct balance of sands with good drainage, some moisture retention and lots of organic nutrients have been sourced.

Factory Wastewater Recycling and Reuse

Nippy's are continuously on the lookout for ways to improve their operation. One of the latest installations is a factory wastewater recycling and fertigation system connected to the long life milk and juice factory located in Moorook.

The Nippy's factory produces 16.5 Megalitres of wastewater per annum. The waste water was previously used to irrigate a woodlot located near the factory but now it is treated and re-used on the orange orchard.
The wastewater system includes a series of settling sumps, filtration, two large storage tanks and a fertigation/treatment system. The wastewater is treated to a level suitable for use and distribution on the orchards via the existing irrigation system.

The result is a saving of 16.5 Megalitres of river water, re-use of 16.5 Megalitres of wastewater per annum, and promotion of water saving to the local community and other businesses.

Smart Fertilizer Application

The new fertigation system is a more environmentally friendly way of applying nutrients and fertilizer to the oranges than via conventional methods. The new system is more water efficient than conventional fertilization methods, reduces the amount of  fertilizer used which reduces contaminants to the soil and the local environment.

Fertilizing via the irrigation system also eliminates the need for machinery use, lowering carbon emissions which contribute to the green house effect and reducing fossil fuel and conserving natural resources. There are no airborne nutrients compared with spray applications using a tractor and spray plant, therefore reducing emission into the local environment, nearby orchards, houses and factories.

Fertigation also minimises human contact during fertilizer application.

Rainwater Capture and Use

Rainwater is captured at the Moorook factory and surrounding sheds, encorporated into the water recycling system and used on the fruit block for irrigation purposes